At Community Bible Church, Life Truth classes serve as the foundation for each owner’s spiritual growth. Our groups allow you to connect with people in a similar season of life for discipleship, instruction, accountability, or bible study. As Christ-followers, it’s important to grow your faith in a smaller group of friends, so we invite you to be part of Life Truth where we offer a variety of classes each fall and spring. Just stop by the front desk and one of our volunteers will help you find a group that’s right for you!

Fall classes run from September 13th until November 22nd. Classes this fall included:

The Book of I John — In this amazingly constructed epistle that is known for both its simplicity and depth, John’s first epistle presents three key tests as to how we can know that we are in fellowship with God, each of which are tied to a character statement of God. This class meets in the Sanctuary.

‘Til Death Do Us Part — (Men’s Group) This class is an overview of marriage and our particular role as husbands. We will focus in on some of the challenges to marriage as well as ways to move forward and to celebrate marriage. The book ‘The Meaning of Marriage’ by Tim & Kathy Keller will help guide our teaching and discussions. This class meets in the Old Sanctuary.

Seated with Christ – (Ladies’ Group) This book study heralds a new kind of living. If it’s true what Scripture says, that we are treasured by God and given a place at His table, then all we need to do is to take our seats. We can stop comparing, competing, self-analyzing and self-promoting in our endless, busy pursuit of perfection. Let’s dig in to God’s Word and take our seats and live – simply, freely, fully – because of Jesus, for Jesus and in the love of Jesus. The ladies meet in the Cry Room, in the education wing.

High School and Middle School Classes — In this book study (Wisdom from Above: A Study in James), we’re digging deeper into Godly wisdom and how we apply it to our lives. All high-school and middle-school aged youth are invited; study books will be provided! High-school class meets in the glass room; middle-school class meets in the prayer room.