At Community Bible Church, Life Truth classes serve as the foundation for each owner’s spiritual growth. Our groups allow you to connect with people in a similar season of life for discipleship, instruction, accountability, or bible study. As Christ-followers, it’s important to grow your faith in a smaller group of friends, so we invite you to be part of Life Truth where we offer a variety of classes each fall and spring. Just stop by the front desk and one of our volunteers will help you find a group that’s right for you!

Fall classes run from September 8th until the end of November. Classes this fall will include:

The Book of Philippians — A Bible study in which we will walk through the book from the Apostle Paul. This class is for all ages youth and above. It will meet in the old sanctuary.

Singleness: A time of challenges and opportunities — The goal of this class is to provide a safe place for conversations about the unique journey of singleness. Topics of interest are the challenges of living life alone, financial struggles, dealing with longing for a mate, online dating, social media and the search for “perfect mate”, career struggles, defining biblical sexuality and navigating a world of sexting, pornography, hook ups and sexual experimentation. The goal is to wrestle with these unique challenges and to pursue a Christian worldview about God’s purpose for singles. The class is open to singles who are college age and older.

Apologetics for High School Students – This study is for students to know why the Bible is totally trustworthy and to know what they believe and why they believe it. We will examine the Scriptures and discuss how to defend our faith and how to answer some tough questions.

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