At Community Bible Church, Life Truth classes serve as the foundation for each owner’s spiritual growth. Our groups allow you to connect with people in a similar season of life for discipleship, instruction, accountability, or bible study. As Christ-followers, it’s important to grow your faith in a smaller group of friends, so we invite you to be part of Life Truth where we offer a variety of classes each fall and spring. Just stop by the front desk and one of our volunteers will help you find a group that’s right for you!

2023 spring classes run from February 5th until May 7th and go from 11:11 until noon each Sunday morning.

Classes this spring, include:

I and II Samuel — Homer Heater will continue his class on I and II Samuel. David plays an outsized role in the history of Israel. However, his rise to that position did not come easily. First Samuel describes the rise of Samuel (as opposed to Eli’s sons), the prophetic movement, and David. Second Samuel relates the pitfalls of power into which David fell. There is so much practical teaching in these two books. We plan to spend two semesters covering them both. This class will meet in the main sanctuary.

The Man in the Mirror (Men’s Class) — Who knows you? Are you a good actor? The many masks of manliness can have a detrimental effect on relationships and connections. Come join us as we discuss navigating the cultural pressures of “manliness” balanced with a biblical worldview.

The Book of Daniel (Ladies Class) — Ladies, join us for a study and discussion on the book of Daniel, with an in-depth look at Daniel’s life and times as a practical example to us of living in our day and time. There will be handouts, but no homework.

Unlocking the Potential of YOUR Family — What exactly does it mean to train children the way THEY should go? How do you know which way they should go? This class will do a deep dive in parenting to help you break down the different personalities and insecurities that each member of the family has and how they can work together to make a family that will have an impact for Christ. We want to help you and your children use God’s truths to truly unlock the potential to thrive and be leaders that impact others for Christ. This class will meet in the large classroom in the new education wing.

Youth— Middle and high school students will be in a study (separately) through I Samuel. The plan is to examine how God used chosen people to lead amidst a sinful and broken nation.