Use the form here to share a prayer request with us. All prayer requests will go to the pastoral team, and you can select to share your request with the prayer team and/or church body as well.

When you submit a prayer request, we will follow up to discuss your needs and how Community Bible Church can be Jesus to you.

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When we, as Jesus imitators, feel compassion like He did, we feel the pain in the deepest places, we hurt with the person and then are moved to offer kindness in some way.  We are looking for people who are moved to help in the following ways:

Prayer – whether an intercessor who will pray when you sent requests or you are available to pray with others in the prayer room on Sundays or other days of the week or your willing to be available and wear the May I Pray for You stickers on Sundays, we’d love to have you on the team.

Visits – go to the hospital or go to homes to visit those in need, whether it’s because of sickness, being home-bound, a new mom or those needing care.

Kindness – sending cards or making phone calls to check on people in need.  Driving people to appointments or assisting with financial needs.  Organizing meal trains.

Bereavement – visiting the family, making meals or helping at the services.

Presence – what have you journeyed through and received comfort that you could in turn offer the ministry of being present to someone else in need?

Want to know more? Contact Stephanie Carroll:
864.855.3199 | [email protected]