We encourage everyone to join a Community Group because in these environments we get to fulfill the vision of CBC: when connected into a Community Groups, we learn to love God together, love people together, and redeem the world together. We come alongside each other as we walk through life, “being Jesus” together and to one another. Joining a Community Group is one of the best ways to get connected into the Body of Christ at CBC.

CBC has a variety of groups that meet at different times, different locations, and with different study plans and emphasis. Regardless of your stage of life or proximity to the church, we aim to make it easy for you to join a group and get connected!

If you’re interested in joining a Community Group or have questions, use the form below to get in touch with us!



Sundays - Easley Couples' Group

4:00PM / Every Other Sunday / Easley Area
Tom Randall: 864.277.7601 / [email protected]
Homer Heater : 214.907.1090 / [email protected]

Tuesdays - Easley Men's Group

7:00PM / Weekly / Easley Area
Jacob Williams: 864.630.1728 / [email protected]

Tuesdays - Wren Men's Group

7:00PM / Weekly / @CBC
Steve Meyer: 908.420.1915 / [email protected]

Tuesdays - Women's Group

7:00PM / Monthly (3rd Tues) / @CBC
For Moms of 12th-graders and up
ephanie Carroll: 864.855.3199 / [email protected]

Wednesdays - AM Men's Group

5:00AM / Weekly / Easley Area
John Collins:
864.616.5468 / [email protected]
Dave Glenney: 540.631.5580

Wednesdays - AM Couples' Group

9:30AM / Every Other Wednesday / Easley Area
Don Harris: 864.207.6168 / [email protected]

Wednesdays - Moving Couples' Group

6:30-8:30PM / Weekly / Location Varies
Joe Fusco: 
864.386.0476 / [email protected]

Wednesdays - Wren Couples' Group

6:30-8:00PM / Weekly / @CBC
Evan Bate: 484.949.4225 / [email protected]

Wednesdays - Piedmont Couples' Group

7:00PM / Weekly / Piedmont Area
David Hyde-Volpe:
864.630.2443 / [email protected]

Thursdays - AM Women's Group

6:00-7:00AM / Every Other Thursday / @CBC
Stephanie Carroll: 864.855.3199 / [email protected]

Fridays - AM Men's Group

6:00AM / Weekly / Easley Area
Marcus Elliott: 864.304.3718 / [email protected]

Varied - Virtual Men's Group

12:15PM / Varied Meetings / Virtual
Jimmy Mullinax: 8
04.586.3223 / [email protected]