Pastor John shares about CBC’s founding as a church plant by Heritage Bible Church.

The Randalls and Matthews speak about coming to CBC from legalistic backgrounds.

Sid & Dianne Hagen talk about the various building projects over the years.

Pastor John shares memories of service trips to Russia in the early days of CBC.

Stephanie Carroll speaks about CBC’s involvement with ABRO.

Pastor John talks about the different interns that have served at CBC over the years.

Andy DeLeonardis & Marian Sowinski share memories of mission trips to Ukraine & Haiti.

Pastor John shares about the church split that CBC went through some years ago.

Denise Tow shares the history of the Alms & Legs ministry at Community Bible Church.

Blix Rice discusses the newest building addition and offers an encouraging message.

The Hamblins share memories from their years at Community Bible Church.

Jeremiah Hagen expresses gratitude to his CBC family for all their love and support.

Missionaries we support celebrate our 30 year anniversy with us.

The Hannahs remember their time at CBC and the things they learned.

An anniversay thank you message from the Rudes, now living in Alaska.

The Teruels offer an encouragement from their continued ministery.

The Otts speak about their time at Community Bible Church.

Sean Carroll shares his story of coming to CBC and the healing that occurred.

Rewatch the 30 Year Anniversary Celebration Dinner from August 27th!