When is Jesus coming back? Will I see Jesus? Who is the Beast? What if I don’t understand? What if I get it wrong? When will things get better? What am I to believe? These are very familiar questions when thinking about what our future holds and what the book of Revelation means. In LifeTruth this fall, all adult classes will meet together in the sanctuary after the service on Sunday mornings to discuss how good, Godly scholars differ on interpretations of the Revelation. Our purpose is not to teach what one is to believe, but to teach the different systems of interpretation so that when studying the book and reading commentaries, one has a better grasp of the biases and backgrounds of the authors.

This is an archive of recordings from this LifeTruth class. Recordings are added each week and are available here for your review. We ask that you not distribute the link to this archive, or the videos shown here, without permission. Thank you!

WEEK 1 (9/10/23)

WEEK 2 (9/17/23)

WEEK 3 (9/24/23)

WEEK 4 (10/1/23)

WEEK 5 (10/08/23)

WEEK 6 (10/15/23)

WEEK 7 (10/22/23)

WEEK 8 (10/29/23)

WEEK 9 (11/05/23)

WEEK 10 (11/12/23)