John Barnett

-Master of Divinity
-Doctor of Ministry
-Founding Pastor of CBC in 1992
John’s personality can be summed up relatively easy: He is a people-loving extrovert. He is wonderfully balanced by his amazing wife, Teresa, to whom he has been married for almost 30 years. They have two children, John Briggs and Tiffany. John Briggs is a graduate of the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, class of 2006. He attended USNA because he believes God has called him to be a leader. He is currently serving as a Navy officer on submarine duty. John and Teresa are very proud not only of his accomplishments, but also of his love for God and his desire to be a witness at USNA. Their daughter Tiffany attended North Greenville College. Her love of life and concern for people is always an inspiration to others to simply love others more.

John grew up in South America (with his Dad being in international business), New York, and California, and has been in South Carolina many years. Because of his upbringing, John loves traveling to see and study unique cultures. This has given him a greater understanding of Paul’s admonition for us “when in Rome”, be Roman, and when in Jerusalem, be Jewish, for the sake of the gospel. John feels at ease with different cultures and relates to each one in order to bring Christ to them.

In his down time you can find John taking a motorcycle trip in the mountains with his wife and friends or hunting and fishing or gardening. John says, “There is nothing like sitting in a tree-stand meditating and reading to refresh the soul, or the rush of wind as you ride down a country road on a motorcycle to clear the mind and invigorate the heart”.

As a pastor, John’s spiritual gift and passion is to minister the Word of God so people will experience the grace of God and be drawn into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is his conviction that ultimate happiness and life are found in nothing else but a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and by no merit of our own. It is all of grace.

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