Community Bible Church offers a variety of children's ministries, including

nursery and children's church.

Nursery: Newborn through 2 years old

Children's Church a.k.a. Kingdoms Kids: 3 year old through 5th grade

Our Purpose:

We exist to assist families as they teach their children the Word of God, to instill in the children a life lived by faith in Jesus Christ, and to focus their energies on worshiping God in His glory.

Our Vision:

The vision of CBCís childrenís ministry is to see children establish a God-centered worldview, committed to the body of Christ, and equipped to share their faith in Jesus as they embrace the glory of God.

Our Core Values:

To make our vision a reality and to accomplish the purpose of CBCís children's ministry, we value the following values:

  • Parental involvement, as it is primarily the parentsí responsibility to teach, discipline and model faith for their children.
  • Christ-like character in the lives of the teachers who model faith for the children.
  • God-centered teaching of the Word of God as He is the main character of the Scriptures.
  • Memorization of the Word of God to allow the children to meditate on Him throughout the week.
  • Prayer as a major practice, demonstrating dependence on God.
  • Active worship, including singing, testimonies, giving, and the reading of Scripture, reflecting the honor of God.

For more information regarding our children's church ministry, please contact us at our church office.



Community Bible Church Utilizes the Kid Check Secure System.




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