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This page is devoted to the Master Plan for Community Bible Church.

In an effort to keep the body of Community Bible Church informed as to the latest happenings with the building project, we will be posting regular updates. We will do this through two categories: what is happening now and what is coming next.

Now that we are in our new building and Phase One of CBC's Master Building Project is near completion, remember that we are not done with Phase One until we have paid off the existing loan to the bank. Please continue to give and to pray regarding the building. Thank you for your prayers and financial giving.

Project Management Plan:

A project management plan was developed by the building team in collaboration with the elders of CBC to lay out a comprehensive plan moving forward with Phase One of CBC's Master Building Project. That project management plan is attached below.

Project Management Plan


In January of 2010, the Elders and Deacons of Community Bible Church discussed the need and growing necessity for additional facilities. The discussion resulted in the leadership team approving the development of a property master plan. One of the primary goals of the project was to develop a building that would assist the church in reaching the              Powdersville / Wren community more effectively. The intention of the master plan was to provide a long-term solution for the future use of its existing property to maximize efficiencies relating to building placement, parking, and interior and exterior traffic flow. The CBC building committee team completed a bid process and selected McAbee architects to work with the CBC team to determine the best approach in constructing these new facilities. The master plan was developed, reviewed, and accepted by the leadership team in the fall of 2011.

The Initial construction estimates for the new facilities was $3.4 million dollars.

Master Plan Schematic

Revisiting the Master Plan

In the Fall of 2013, we began the process of re-evaluating and sharpening both our vision and our strategies to accomplish this vision. We set two-year measurable goals and began to work towards the accomplishment of those goals. We also began discussions around improving our current facilities and how those could be best suited to assist us in accomplishing our vision.

In the Spring of 2014, we revised our original plans for a new building and developed a new approach, dividing the project into three phases. Our leadership put together a financial plan and we presented phase one to our congregation in April of 2014. We asked our church family to make a four-year pledge to this building. As a result of these pledges, along with savings and budgeted money set aside for a monthly payment, we have been able to raise a total of over $1,400,000. The total cost for phase one of our project is 1.4 million dollars. Our building and financial plan is detailed in Section 2 of this building plan.

Phase One

Phase One Renderings

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